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Real estate appraisals ›

We’ll set up the most effective team of real estate appraisers and they’ll draft real estate evaluation reports for each single property.
Transaction size, nature, complexity, deadlines, level of analysis are some of the issues we’ll consider and discuss with you in order to set up the best possible operating structure.

Real estate Due diligence ›

Contractual risk management: this, in three words, is the “heart” of due diligence activity.
We’ll go through accurate analysis processes aimed at the drafting of an agreement, which will include warranties and liability limitations.
Our activity leads us to determine the most reliable portfolio value and consists in document analyses, on site inspections, photographic reports and technical legal evaluations, all performed by qualified professionals.

Court Auction participation ›

If you are a Real Estate Owned Company (ReoCo), E&W will support you in your real estate acquisition business and in the participation to court auctions; we’ll be there from the auction participation to the resale of purchased assets. We’ll be at your side through every delicate step.

NPL Asset management ›

In this specific area of business we’ll advise you from the initial Portfolio Analysis, Due Diligence and Pricing, right up to the actual management of purchased portfolios and servicer selection, coordinating and supervising all of the above.