Eagle Agency, the real estate agency of the Eagle & Wise Group, supports the Group’s customers through the sale and / or rental of their held both directly and through a Reo.Co (Real Estate Owned Company).

Thank to the specific training and its network of real estate commercial experts, Eagle Agency is able to enhance the real estate assets securing NPL portfolios of the Group’s customers in several ways either identifying the subjects that might be interested in participating in the real estate auctions and accompanying debtors in difficulty with the sale of their properties (the so-called Consensual Sale). This activity is carried out both in the interest of the owners of the properties and, indirectly, in the interest of the Creditors, in order to avoid selling a property in a judicial auction.
Such event would result in a lowered recovery value, in a longer time to cash and, more important, would resize the possibility to find an out-of-court solution between the parties.
Nicola Coraglia ‒ Direttore servizi NPL