Eagle & Wise Service S.p.A. is a dynamic company, delivering any service related to real estate credit, from property appraisal to NPL management and real estate management (investment properties, SGR).
Its managing directors founded the company in 2008 and now lead a network of more than 40 employees.
It’s a close-knit team, which has been able to develop long term and high quality relations with its customers.

Our business is all about trust and mastering the knowledge of compliance rules.

Our work is based on results and deadlines, nonetheless our Eagle wants to fly high and be creative in offering its customers alternative approaches and innovative solutions.

If  you ask me Why choose us?  I would readily answer for our deep knowledge of the real estate and loans sectors. Our cross-knowledge is not easily found in a single company. That’s why we are able to provide a wide range of main services and accessory services in support to any real estate loans activity.

I’ll be glad to personally present you our services and introduce you to our multi-disciplinary team.

  • E&W has long term customer relations and low turnover
  • Our ethical code bounds every member of our management team to comply with company transparency rules avoiding any possible conflict of interest in the performance of credit and real estate intermediation activity.
  • In our team operate open-minded individuals skilled in different areas of expertise, coming from different educational and cultural backgrounds. They all have strong personal traits enriching the team with different personalities.