The Code of Ethics

Eagle & Wise Service Spa, hereinafter “EW”, operates according to the principles of the ethical behavior contained in the Code of Ethics hereof, being truly convinced that company success cannot take place regardless of the ethics applied in performing its work.

Directors, auditors, managers, employees, advisors, partners and in general any subject operating and working with or on behalf of EW, including external experts, each one of them within his/her scope of activity and responsibility, are bound to comply to the provisions of the Code hereof. In addition to this Code, external experts shall comply with the principles and provisions established by the specific Behavior Codes applicable to their profession, in the performance of their tasks.

Behavior principles

EW’s business is based on the following behavior principles: diligence, fair practice, integrity, honesty, and transparency.
Employees, external staff and advisors shall act in accordance to this Code and EW’s applicable Internal Policy Rules stating the principles, values and behavior rules to be observed in the interaction with any work related person or entity.

In particular, the Policy Rules underline the duty for all workers to diligently perform the tasks assigned to them and properly use company material, premises, equipment and tools. Actions or omissions damaging company reputation shall be subject to disciplinary measures. Each worker shall behave accordingly to his/her duty, in particular:

  • Be kind and helpful towards the public and the staff of our customer companies;
  • Comply to the internal rules of our customer companies, at whose premises they might be performing work activity;
  • Do not make profit in any way from the performance of the assigned work activity, damaging the Company, nor perform or take assignment of tasks, which are in contrast with existing professional duties according to applicable laws and regulations.

Also, all professionals part of the “EW” network (experts, professionals, lawyers, etc…) shall act in accordance with the codes of behavior and professional conduct rules regulating their specific profession (such as the Code of Professional Conduct established by the ABI Guidelines applying to the appraisal of mortgaged properties, or the Code of Conduct for Architects, etc.…).
The results “EW” seeks to accomplish are the following:

  • Offer high quality, effective and efficient services, in terms of respect of contractually established deadlines, and in terms of professional expertise and quality of supplied data;
  • Guarantee full transparency to the stakeholders, without prejudice to the privacy entailed in this business and its competitive nature; for this reason recipients of the Code shall guarantee full confidentiality of the information collected in the performance of their duties;
  • Apply ethical conduct and behavior rules in order to maintain high quality and transparency standards towards the market;
  • Avoid illegitimate, unlawful or unfair behavior in the attempt to achieve the expected economic results, which in turn must be achieved only by means of excellence in terms of innovation and quality and in terms of economic, social and environmental sustainability;
  • Protect and give value to all employed human resources;
  • Pursue the principles of equal opportunity in the workplace, regardless of diversity of gender, marital status, sexual orientation, faith, political and trade union opinion and belonging, race, ethnic group, nationality, age and abilities;
  • Pursue and promote protection of all internationally declared human rights;
  • Employ company resources responsibly and consistently with the results to be accomplished;
  • Not tolerate any type of corruption from and towards public officials or any other subject, taking place in whatever form, place or jurisdiction, including environments where corruption may be accepted, tolerated, conceived as standard practice or remains unpunished. For the above reason, the recipients of this Code shall not offer or accept gifts or benefits in violation of legal provisions or conflicting with this Code, and damaging the Company and its reputation if publicly disclosed.;
  • Protect company assets, and prevent any possible misappropriation, theft or fraud damaging the company;
  • Stigmatize the pursuit of personal or third party interests detrimental to company interests; in their quality of responsible and proactive member of the community in which they operate, the recipients shall be bound to respect and make others respect, all applicable laws;
  • Implement an organization structure suitable for the prevention of laws violation, consistent with the principles of transparency, fairness and loyalty of its employees and partners, and capable to supervise and obtain compliance to the above provisions.